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Rainbow is cool but doesn’t exist

For years I have adapted my creativity to very strict rules, I have resized my view of things feeling very bad. For a long time I looked for a dimension that could make me feel free to express myself, free to create, tell, collaborate and show my point of view and so, on a March day comes the idea:, my little virtual space where I can show the thousand nuances of my being.
When I gave shape to this project, I had a clear idea of the logo: a rainbow of colors sketched out like by the hands of a child. Later I asked myself many questions: I thought that if I had to feel free from the rules I would have to overcome my limits and my fears, so I put aside some money and I faced a big limit, the fear to travel alone. I flew up to America to New York, the city of dreams, the city where I also realized mine.
Me and Erewil Ferreira, photographer and artist from Manhattan, discussed the mood and realized that China Town would be the perfect place for the shots: the warm colors and the lights of the oriental style shop were the ideal backdrop for this first project.
Three items of clothing, many meanings: a checkered teese to symbolize the contrasts I live every day, a rainbow sweatshirt for all the nuances of my art and a jacket on which I have painted different symbols.
From all this has been born a narration of who I am, every symbol hides a reason, every drawing has a precise reason.
shoots in New York City - United States of America, pics by Erewill Ferreira c/o - credits to Federica Pessina -