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The Fade

Central Park, an afternoon during August after storm. It was me and Erewill (artist, photographer and friend of mine that I collaborated with for this and many other projects). Just me and him and nobody else. It had rained for more than two hours and people had all gone away but when we arrived there was silence. The sun had not come out but the clouds had created a perfect light, the asphalt released a bit more of the heat taken after hours under the sun and some puddles reflected the landscape like mirrors.
He wanted me as the protagonist of an idea he had been pondering for some time, an idea for which a photographic effect would become the protagonist both on the pics subject and in the photographs: the fade. We had started shooting (and I swear there was a lot of silence) and it was as if there was music in my head, so, while he was guiding me in the poses, I jumped in rhythm on the rubber of that basketball field. Then the fade would have covered my face and I found myself in the middle of a huge expanse of lawn to pose on the largest set in which I had ever been.
Central Park is not a small indeed more we shot and the less we had the perception of time and we found us at the gates of 5th Avenue. The buildings and carriages were in the background and I kept jumping in the puddles and listening to that music that was the city with its thousand unmistakable sounds and a few cabs of a taxi that sometimes wants to go faster than others. We spent an afternoon getting to know each other and creating a wonderful synergy that gave life to these films.
shoots in Central Park - NYC, pics by Erewill Ferreira c/o - credits to Federica Pessina